EAC[East African Cooperation]
EAEC[East Asia Economic Caucus]
EAG[East Asian Games]
EAPC[Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council]
EASDAQ[European Association of Securities Dealers' Automated Quotation system]
EASR[East Asia Strategy Report]
EATA[East Asia Travel Association]
EB1[electronic banking]
EB2[electronic book]
EB ウイルス[EB virus; Epstein-Barr virus]
EB 装置[emergency brake system]
EBBS[electronic bulletin board system]
EBCDIC(エビシディック)[Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code]
EBIC[European Banks' International Corporation]
EBRD[European Bank for Reconstruction and Development]
EBU[European Broadcasting Union]
EC1[electronic commerce]
EC2[European Community]
EC3[Republic of Ecuador]
ECA[Economic Commission for Africa]
ECAFE(エカフェ)[Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East]
ECAT[Emergency Committee for American Trade]
ECB[European Central Bank]
ECC[error correcting code]
ECCS[Emergency Core Cooling System]
ECE[Economic Commission for Europe]
ECLA(エクラ)[Economic Commission for Latin America]
ECLAC(エクラック)[Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean]
ECO1[Economic Cooperation Organization]
ECO2[expanded cofinance operation]
ECOM[Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan]
ECOSOC(エコソク)[Economic and Social Council]
ECOWAS(エコワス)[Economic Community of West African States]
ECP[Euro-commercial paper programme]
ECR[efficient consumer response]
ECSC[European Coal and Steel Community]
ECU1[European Clearing Union]
ECU2(エキュ)[European Currency Unit]
ECU3[Republic of Ecuador]
ED1[effective dose]
ED2[elemental diet]
ED3[export declaration]
ED カード[embarkation disembarkation card]
EDA[electronic design automation]
EDB[ethylene dibromide]
EDGAR[Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system]
EDI[electronic data interchange]
EDLP 店[everyday low price shop]
EDO DRAM[extended data-out dynamic random access memory]
EDP[electronic data processing]
EDPS[electronic data processing system]
EDR[European Depositary Receipt]
EDTA[ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid]
EDTV[enhanced definition television]
EDTV II[enhanced definition television II]
EE1[electric eye]
EE2[Republic of Estonia]
EEA[European Economic Area]
EEC[European Economic Community]
EELV[Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles]
EEO[equal employment opportunity]
EEOC[U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission]
EEPROM[electrically erasable and programmable read-only memory]
EEZ[exclusive economic zone]
EFF[extended fund facility]
EFT システム[electronic fund transfer system]
EFTA, Efta(エフタ)[European Free Trade Association]
EG1[Arab Republic of Egypt]
EG2[Japan Asia Airways]
e.g.[(ラ) exempli gratia]
EGF[epidermal growth factor]
EGR[exhaust gas recirculation]
EGY[Arab Republic of Egypt]
EH[Western Sahara]
EHF[extremely high frequency]
EI[exposure index]
EIA[environmental impact assessment]
EIB1[European Investment Bank]
EIB2[Export-Import Bank of Japan]
EIB3[Export-Import Bank of the United States]
EIS[environmental impact statement]
EL1[electric locomotive]
ELINT(エリント)[electronic intelligence]
ELN[(ス) Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional]
ELR[emergency locking retractor]
ELSEC[electronic security]
ELV[expendable launch vehicle]
EM1[effective micro-organisms]
EM2[electronic mail]
EMA[European Monetary Agreement]
EMC[electromagnetic compatibility]
EMCF[European Monetary Cooperation Fund]
EMEAP[Executives' Meeting of East Asia and Pacific Central Banks]
EMF, emf1[electromotive force]起電力を表す略号。
EMF2[European Monetary Fund]
EMI[European Monetary Institute]
EMS1(エムス)[European Monetary System]
EMS2[expanded memory specification]
EMS3[Express Mail Service]
EMTN[Euro medium-term note]
EMU1[Economic and Monetary Union]
EMU, emu2[electromagnetic unit]
E.N.A.P.[(フ) Ecole nationale d'administration publique]
END[European Nuclear Disarmament]
ENEA[European Nuclear Energy Agency]
ENG[electronic news gathering]
ENIAC(エニアック)[electronic numerical integrator and computer]
EOP[Executive Office of the President]
EOS1[earth observing system]
EOS2[electric ordering system]
EP[extended play]
EP ホルモン[estrogen-progesterone hormone]
EPA1[Economic Planning Agency]
EPA2[eicosapentaenoic acid]
EPA3[Environmental Protection Agency]
EPBX[electronic private branch exchange]
EPC[European Patent Convention]
EPLF[Eritrean People's Liberation Front]
EPN[ethyl-p-nitrophenyl thionobenzene phosphonate]
EPNL[effective perceived noise level]
EPOS(エポス)[earthquake phenomena observation system]
EPR[European Pressurized Reactor]
EPRDF[Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front]
EPROM(イーピー-ロム)[erasable and programmable ROM]
EPS[earnings per share]
EPU[European Payments Union]
EQ1[educational quotient]
EQ2[emotional intelligence quotient]
EQUAPAC(エクアパック)[Equatorial Pacific]
ER1[emergency room]
ER2[endoplasmic reticulum]
ERA1[earned run average]
ERA2[Equal Rights Amendment]
ERASMUS(エラスムス)[European Community Action Scheme for Mobility of University Students]
erg[(ギ) ergon]
ERIC(エリック)[Educational Resources Information Center]
ERINT[Extended Range Interceptor]
ERM[(European) Exchange Rate Mechanism]
EROA(エロア)[Economic Rehabilitation in Occupied Area Fund]
ERP[enterprise resource planning]
ER/RB[enhanced radiationreduced blast bomb]
ES1[employee satisfaction]
ESA1[European Space Agency]
ESA2[Republic of El Salvador]
ESC[Economic and Social Council]
ESCA(エスカ)[electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis]
ESCAP(エスカップ)[Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific]
ESCB[European System of Central Banks]
ESCWA[Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia]
ESDI[European Security and Defense Identity]
ESOP(イソップ)[employee stock ownership plan]
ESP1[extrasensory perception]
ESPRIT(エスプリ)[European Strategic Program for Research and Development in Information Technology]
ESR1[electron spin resonance]
ESR2[erythrocyte sedimentation rate]
ESS1[English Speaking Society]
ESS2[executive support system]
EST1[Eastern Standard Time]
EST2[Republic of Estonia]
ESWL[extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy]
ETA1[estimated time of arrival]
ETA2(エタ)[(バスク) Euskadi Ta Azkatasuna; (ス) Partria Vascay Libertad]
ETC[electronic toll collection]
etc.[(ラ) et cetera]
ETD[estimated time of departure]
ETS[Educational Testing Service]
ETSI[European Telecommunications Standard Institute]
ETUC[European Trade Union Confederation]
EU1[enriched uranium]
EU2[European Union]
EURATOM(ユーラトム)[European Atomic Energy Community]
EUREKA(ユーレカ)[European Research Coordination Agency]
Eurosat(ユーロサット)[European Satellite Corporation]
EUROSPACE(ユーロスペース)[European Aerospace]
Eurovision(ユーロビジョン)[Europe Television]
EV1[electric vehicle]
EV2[exposure value]
eV[electron volt]
EVA1[economic value added]
EVA2[extra vehicular activities]
EW[electronic warfare]
EWS1[emergency warning system]
EWS2[engineering workstation]
EXIM(エグジム)[Export-Import Bank of the United States]
EXPO, expo(エキスポ)[exposition]
EXW[exercise walking]
EZLN[(ス) Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional]

一般用語集 五十音順